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It's Your Time to Shine!

As you know, the new normal of our lives involves social distancing, small gatherings, and a lot of online shopping. We’ve all encountered a number of unexpected struggles, but we still want to see each other smile! And that’s where Sealed with a Kiss Parties come in!


Serving northern Virginia, Sealed with a Kiss Parties by April Dawn Party Planning and Supplies knows how important it is to balance our daily stress with laughter and lightheartedness. As a result, we’re determined to help you continue celebrating special occasions and having fun together safely. So, we deliver gift baskets, parties in a box, and themed parties right to your door. We’re your one-stop-shop for all kinds of glam in-home events!

Great Gift Baskets

Our great gift baskets for delivery spare you the hassle of dashing from store to store trying to assemble the perfect assortment of presents while avoiding close contact with others.


When you leave it to us, we’ll fill a beautiful woven basket with plenty of exquisite little goodies for friends and family members. Then, we’ll take our unique gifts baskets to their recipients, saving you time and money!

Party In a Box

A party in a box is another one-of-a-kind way to have a ball without going out. Due to the fact that each party in a box includes favors, decorations, food, supplies, and more, you and seven of your closest friends can live it up all night long without having to worry about a single detail.


Just select the theme and colors ahead of time and let us handle about the rest. Your party in a box delivery will arrive right on time!


Just because we’re all adults doesn’t mean we can’t indulge our fantasies every now and then. Thankfully, parties from Sealed with a Kiss give you the opportunity to experience elegant parties from the comfort of your own home.


We’ve got a wealth of custom party ideas to choose from. Or, you can dream up your own version of a thematic party, and we can make it happen!

Living Lavishly with Sealed with a Kiss

These days, we all need to be cautious. But we don’t need to be bored! In fact, you can live lavishly and keep your joy alive so long as your parties are Sealed with a Kiss!

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Meet Your Mistress of Events



Welcome to Sealed with a Kiss Parties. I'm April Dawn, your virtual party planner.


Sealed with a Kiss brings the best gift baskets, party in a box delivery, and themed party decorations directly to your door.


That way, you can enjoy memorable moments with your loved ones by hosting luxurious parties right at home.

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Something fun and exciting is always happening at Sealed with a Kiss Parties.
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