Self-Care with Sealed with a Kiss by April Dawn

Updated: May 12

Do you feel like there is not enough time in the day?

I sure have. Many times over these past couple of years I had to pull the plug on the sluggish feeling.

I had to say .. STOP!! Working too many hours, feeling overwhelmed, and not having any time left for myself. I’m sure many of you have all been there too,

Right along with me. I am working a full time job while building a successful business.

But never Carving out l l time for me.

So, I finally decided to take time for the most important person I serve daily .. me.

Why? Because if I cannot take care of myself it’s impossible for me to take care of others.

This got me thinking and I want to share some of the simpleset ways I pour into myself.

Here are my top five self-care strategies:

1 - Taking a bubble bath brings a calm to our mind and gets us back to a restorative state for a better night's sleep. Bonus, I also get the time needed to be alone.

2 - Drinking hot tea A nice mellow cup of hot tea helps me wind my evening down. Teas, with all of its rich herbs, helps me achieve a state of relaxation while nourishing my body. Bonus, tea is a great remedy when sick or just needing a good night sleep.

3 - Sit outdoors. Feeling the sun beam down on my face while a light wind blows my hair. This brings a calm to my soul and nourishes my mind with a sense of relaxation. This helps me get into my deepest thoughts. All while I have time for myself. Bonus, sunlight helps boost vitamin D.

4 - Read a book. Reading a book can help us broaden our horizon, learn something new, allows us to get lost in a story, and takes us on journey's we have never been on. Bonus, with a book our imagination is set free.

5 - Listening to music. Music is both soothing and meditative. Music can help relieve stress and anxiety às well as improve someone's mood. Bonus, music is soothing to our soul.

Believe it or not these small changes in my day are very therapeutic to my overall development.

I hope they will help you equally and get you started on your own self-care journey.

We are happiest when we do little things to bring comfort to our soul.

Just know, the more we spend time showing ourselves love in those little moments the happier we are with the work we do and the person we become.

As the business owner of Sealed with the Kiss Parties, adding self care to my daily regine helps me spend time with myself and expands my creativity for my clients and what I love to do - creating party gift boxes for your special someone.

I believe a woman should always feel confident in who she is and why my self care party boxes include sexy lingerie, special scented and unscented bath balms with personalized messages from me to help you engage in the “me” time we all need to reboot. This in turn feeds our inner soul.

So tell me, I’m curious, what you do to feed your soul with some tips on how you reboot.


April Dawn

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