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Pediatric Self Care with Sealed with a Kiss Parties by April Dawn

I celebrate myself when going to the spa. Taking some me time is always a treasure. While at the spa I am able to get into my meditative state of mind.

This helps me to relax and rejuvenate.

So, imagine taking your little one for a spa day. This not only gives you time that is needed to spend with your little one. It gives you a chance to see our child's inner glow. We build our young ones up to become confident, secure, and radiant.

Building Confidence helps them move forward with everyday challenges in life. When something may not work out for them they are more likely to push forward and try again. Not giving up.

When a child feels secure about who they are they will share their emotions and not be scared. Security also helps build more confidence in who they are.

When we bring radiance to our children we are giving them an inner glow. A smile that will always

be there and the acknowledgement that they are loved.

Always be a mirror in your child's eyes. They look up to you and as adults we are building a reflection in our children.


April Dawn

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